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Components, Tools & Hardware

Individual traditional tensioning hardware along with components parts and tools

Suggested: A tensioning tool which is suggested for 8ga cable kits or large 12ga steel cable fences.

Also suggested is a hogringer hand tool with hogrings. Hogrings make circles of galvanized or stainless steel that connect tension cable to cat fencing mesh. We supply a hogringer 9/16 commercial grade tool with hogrings (available separately) or a hogringer 11/16 that comes with 1000 hogrings to start. Both hogringer tools self feed the hogrings; Pull the handle and it advances the rings and makes the ring. Hogrings are also great for splicing together pieces of fencing. For example, when you're ending one roll and beginning another roll or for attaching wire fencing to poly cat fencing.

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Gripple Plus Large 25pk
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Gripple Plus Large 50pk
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Hook Eye Turnbuckle
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