Kittyfence Cat Fence, Gate and Tunnel OH

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This customer made a nice tunnel for her cat friends to go in and out. Thanks to Jean H from OH for her picture and feedback: Nice tunnel! You're the first customer we've seen yet to use fencing to make a tunnel. This customer used left over bottom wire fencing from her fence kit to create a tunnel between two areas.

"I used your fencing for an area behind my house. As it is narrow area, my photos depict a creative solution for indoor-outdoor kitties where there is little space. The cat door is on the back porch wall exiting into the little “house” as which point they can travel through the tunnel (made from the same fence) and pop out into the yard. They love the tunnel. You can see one in the “house window” and another waiting to enter the tunnel in photo 3. This fence has truly made my feline friends’ lives fun and wonderful. They love their little yard! And so do I."-Jean H., OH

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