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This category page lists all of our poly cat fencing rolls. There are many different widths, lengths and different strengths.

For example, a cat fencing roll listed as 7.5 x 100 is 7 1/2 feet high by 100 feet long.

Different strengths and heights of poly cat fencing are used for different projects. In general, most customers use 7 1/2 foot high rolls of Critterfence 700. This type of fencing has some flexibility to it by design and cats have a tough time climbing it. Also, cats and other animals can run into the fence at full speed and bounce off without getting hurt. It's chew resistant but not chew proof. We have never heard of a cat being able to chew through any of our strengths of poly cat fencing, but if you're concerned, consider adding another layer of steel at the base of the fence (see metal cat fence rolls) or switching to an all metal fence. The most popular configuration is to use rolls of Critterfence 700 or 1100 for height and 3 feet of 1" opening steel web on the bottom, overlapped onto the ground and staked to the ground for chew protection. Chew protection is not necessarily only for your cats, it's for outside animals that also may want to get in like coyotes. This rolls of poly fencing are not found in stores. Note: if you can break the fencing with your hands it's really not suitable to keep cats in and other animals out. We specialize in strong but lightweight, hard to climb fencing.

Cat Fencing Height

There are many factors to consider when deciding what height to choose:

Is snow and ice load a concern? If yes, choose fencing 1 foot taller. When snow and ice collects, even under load your fence will be tall enough..

Will your cats climb up this fence? Cats are great climbers and jumpers. Anything less than 6 feet is not suggested. If you're building your own stand alone fence system, you really need to build a fence with climb protection. We offer climb proof fence kits that include posts with extenders that create a canopy that cats can't climb over. More information: No-Climb Cat Fence Kits

Do you want to keep out other wildlife including deer? If you're going through the time and expense of putting up a fence, consider a 7 foot or 7 1/2 foot fence. Not only will you be able to keep your cat in but most other animals out. Wild animals carry ticks and their hazardous diseases, for more information: cat fence tick control

Cat Fencing Strength

  • Critterfence 700: engineered and certified to 650 pounds of breaking strength and up to 15 years of useful life
  • Critterfence 800: engineered and certified to 750 pounds of breaking strength and up to 20 years of useful life
  • Critterfence 1100: engineered and certified to 950 pounds of breaking strength and up to 25 years of useful life

Most customers use the 700 or 1100. The 700 is good strength and weight cat fencing. The 1100 is very strong and suitable for keeping out most any types of wildlife.

Cat Fencing Rolls:

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