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Critterfence 650 Reinforced Bottom Poly Cat Fencing

  • Certified 650 pounds of breaking strength per square foot
  • 15 year average lifespan UV resistant
  • Semi-round strand polypropylene polymer - chew resistant but not chew proof - different than other types of poly found online or in big box retail stores. Difficult to cut and nearly impossible to break by hand.
  • 2" approximate opening size
  • Will not rust or corrode even in salt water
  • Has one finished top edge and one reinforced two strand bottom edge
  • Ships full size (not folded like some less strong products) covered for shipping protection
  • This is a strong but lightweight type of poly cat fencing suitable for cat containment
  • Good for customers that want to stake the bottom of the fence to the ground but not overlap extra material on the ground

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